Clearing your feed can help you breathe…


Do you ever find your self endlessly scrolling through instagram until your thumbs are numb to find that you have been on it for much longer than you anticipated? Then think did you actually take in anything that you just scrolled past, did any of the posts actually want to make you double tap or are you just doing it because they are your friends or they like your posts? Well same up until about a 6 months ago & I can say that it leaves you feeling more free, refreshed and inspired.

Having a social media clear-out is just as important as a wardrobe clear out. Clutter is unnecessary and can be dangerous. 

One simple question is do you enjoy looking at that persons feed, if you don’t – for whatever reason whether it be what they post offends you, upsets you, makes you feel shitty or just is boring – unfollow them. This doesn’t mean you’re being rude, you don’t hate them you simply shouldn’t have to see something you don’t want to. Its your platform to feel inspired, creative and beautiful so don’t let others get in the way of that happiness.

Don’t get me wrong you do not have to be rude & of course your probably not going to unfollow your best friend, understandably it can cause more tension than happiness. However when you clear out who you follow, be selective. You will be surprised at how relieved you will be! 

The generation with an obsession for perfectionism.


I really would like my blog to be more personal and talk about issues or topics that are important. So I was thinking of adding this to the end of some of my blog posts when i’ve been thinking about something a lot at that time – although I don’t want it to be forced.

Lately I have been seeing a lot of posts on perfectionism and i’ve found a lot of them very relatable and has made me think. I have realised that when social media is criticised it is mostly in relation to body image creating unrealistic expectations for people. However I also think social media allows unrealistic expectations in terms of productivity. It has created a culture of obsession over the ‘perfect life.’ Again just like body image, people will mostly show an almost edited view of their life as only selected content is uploaded. i have found myself looking at peoples Insta stories and seeing them waking up at 5 am and hitting the gym , completing their uni work as well as creating lots of their content for their blog. |t appears as if they are ticking off their entire to do list which is possible every now and then but not everyday. This leaves me feeling deflated and unmotivated as I give myself unrealistic expectations that I can’t complete. I am beginning to understand that it is okay to have two days of not exercising or leaving a task until tomorrow.

Not everyone is on top of it all of the time. It is okay you can get it all done but just not all in one day. Anyway chances are you’re smashing life in your own way!

I hope you can think the same too if you are like me and overwhelm yourself with mountains of uncompleted to do lists.

Thank you for reading something a little more personal,

Kane 🙂