Homophobia & Gay Pride

fullsizeoutput_4207Some consider Pride as no longer necessary seeing as LGBTQ+ rights have come along way in recent decades. However, it is most definitely still needed, society has a long way to go – hate crimes are on the rise, being gay is illegal in 72 countries and punishable by death in 7, other members of the LGBT community are not as fortunate in terms of acceptance and rights as the gay community and people still use causal homophobia in their day to day life – You can head to my Instagram story highlights of Pride where I explain how we was met with homophobia on the journey home from Pride in London.

Pride is the only day and only place where someone who is LGBT can feel (or is supposed to feel) 100% themselves, accepted and free. This is the exact reason I love Pride because me and those around me can completely be themselves without any judgment. However, pride is also supposed to be a protest, a protest to the inequality the LGBT community faces in society. However, when I was at Brighton Pride I saw lots of big corporate companies such as Barclays with floats in the parade, shops and restaurants promoting pride and pop up stands like L’oreal promoting their products. I couldn’t explain why but it has gradually been making me feel more uncomfortable after each Brighton Pride I go to.

Large corporate companies turning pride into a brand in order to bring in customers and sell products has shifted the focus of pride away from freedom, acceptance and a protest of what is wrong in society. Which has led to Brighton Pride almost becoming a brand that companies use to capitalise off without even promoting what pride should be about.


In saying this, I will continue to go to Pride because it brings me joy, as I said before I am not going to not go to Pride because it has become capitalised and almost turned into a business. At the end of the day it still makes me feel good to have one day of the year when I can be and feel my true self with no judgement and full acceptance.

I will definitely be doing more posts on homophobia and LGBT rights – Thanks for reading,

Kane 🙂