Men’s skincare


Considering i’m still in my teens it is no surprise that my skin has been through a lot with waves of bad skin. I have noticed over the past 6 months my skin massively improving. I feel like this could be due to me finally taking care of my skin. Before then I literally never cleansed/ exfoliated/ moisturised my face. Sometimes it can seem like such a big mountain to climb that you don’t even try. Also i’m sure like many of you I have always been very sceptical and disbelieving of skin products.


My skincare routine may work best for me but may not work the best for everyone, I strongly believe it is down to trial and error. I will leave them all linked below.

This cleansing / exfoliating kit from Vanity PlanetΒ is great. One machine with different attachments can be used to suit you and your skin problems with attachments to exfoliate, cleanse and even a body body brush for ‘bacne’.

Side note: Carmex is a dream I use it 3 times a day, especially good for the winter months.

If you have any questions about any of the products I use feel free to DM me on my Instagram

Spin for Perfect Skin – Complete Face & Body Cleansing SystemΒ (and by the way i’ve found lots of codes for this and when I checked they was working! find them here

Bulldog Sensitive Moisturiser

Clean & Clear Exfoliating Daily Wash

Tea Tree Skin Clearing TonerΒ 

Superdrug Deep Action Back SprayΒ (Be warned cover your mouth when using – I learnt the hard way)


Skin Republic Collagen Hydrogel Under Eye Patch

A little self-love at Christmas


Considering it is coming up to the end of 2017 and I have been wanting these babies the entire year, I finally took the plunge.



I tried to get these at Bicester Village in the summer which of course weren’t there. So I had a little look on Selfridges and Harrods this week and they wasn’t there (the stress). Then I found them on Mr Porter (which I love by the way; their website, service and delivery). So of course in a panic I bought them. Many say impulse purchases are not a good idea but I say surely you must love the item a lot if nothing stops you from buying it.


These are the classic Gucci ace sneakers with the bee embroidery. I’m so bloody excited to wear them and I know they will be surgically attached to me in spring. So I hope you won’t get too bored of them because I won’t !


Treat yo self this christmas it has been a long year. Merry Christmas everyone,

Kane πŸ™‚

Ace Embroidered Watersnake And Leather SneakersΒ – Mr Porter


How to spruce up your winter wardrobe?


DSC03389I don’t know about you but I find in winter I struggle to feel the same level of content with my outfits than in the summer months. I believe this is because when its cold you have to wrap up meaning, you can only see a big coat. Hence why i’m a big fan of winter accessories, especially scarfs! Which you probably already knew if you follow me on Instagram:Β kanehuxley1

Here are a few of my favourite winter accessories & as you can tell i’m loving the tanned theme this winter. (All items linked below)

By the way these gloves are the best i’ve had. They are so soon warm as well as stylish with the suede leather.

Thank you again for all of your continued support here and I hope to be more consistent with my posts over the rest of winter.

Kane πŸ™‚


GlovesΒ Β (similar)

Polo Ralph Lauren Charcoal reversible scarfΒ 

Gant beige scarf (extra long version)

Hugo Boss Blocked stripe navy and black scarfΒ (similar)

M&S Pebble Grain leather tanned messenger bagΒ 


Keeping warm in Notting Hill


The crisp autumnal trees, tall white picture perfect houses and not to mention the amazing food. This is why Notting Hill makes a perfect day out. The scenery here was too good to not have a shoot withΒ Bala.

At this time of the year on a sunny day a thick coat is not always so practical but neither is a thin jacket and a tee. Which is why in these months I pair a warm jumper under a light jacket you might wear in spring.

I love this new jumper from Zara (shock), it is a deep warm colour perfect for the autumnal months.


One of my favourite restaurants is Farmacy which is a health / Vegan restaurant with the best aesthetics! Not to mention the food (I Highly recommend the nacho bowl).

P.S. If you are in the area there is a recycle clothes shop called Traid aiming to change the way of shopping and waste. You can pick up amazing bargains from brands including Acne studios to Reiss.

Thank you for you continued support everyone, it means a lot!

Kane πŸ™‚


And breathe… A Family Sunday


Sometimes it can get all a bit too much & we can put too much pressure on ourselves to get everything done whilst being a perfectionist. When you don’t achieve this you can feel deflated and disappointed with yourself. I have learn’t that to do everything and to a high standard is impossible. You just need to do enough.

(Outfit details linked below)

I missed a blog post last Sunday for the first ever time. Even though I haven’t got a large following (yet) I take my blog very seriously as it is something i’m passionate about. It was literally impossible for me to get content that week. I would rather not post than to post something that I didn’t feel that I liked. I realised I needed to accept that and get other stuff done.

So, this Sunday I went home and what a lovely Sunday it was. After not being home in 5 weeks it made me realise that you can take it all for granted.


Sometimes you just need to breathe, take a moment for yourself in order to get back into things.

Thanks for reading,

Kane πŸ™‚

Grey All Saints Knitwear

Gant ScarfΒ 

Tommy Hilfiger coat

Kenzo navy jumper (similar)


The Collaboration… H&m X Balmain


Ok, so this collaboration was probably the most popular and if you were like me this is when I first knew that h&m collaborated with a high end designer every year for an exclusive collection.

I was so excited for this because of the detail (and quality) of Balmain clothes but at a more affordable price.

The pieces…


I went there with the items I wanted (of which none I got) but also loved what I did get, the preview didn’t do them justice. Keep this in mind for their new collaboration with Erdem next month – Who by the way have never before released menswear until this collab. The panic frenzy for the Balmain collar was insane and I believe that Erdem won’t be as popular but I think the collection will be amazing and less chaotic.

Kane πŸ™‚

P.S. I will be doing a giveaway of this leather BalmainXH&M wallet when I hit 1k on my Instagram. I will be posting a picture on there so like it and follow to enter πŸ™‚


The importance of shoes…

Shoes have this ability to either make or break an outfit. The quote β€˜you can tell a lot about a man from his shoes’ is something to stick by (but I am the worlds worst for scuffing my shoes). Considering that the weather here in the UK is definitely turning autumnal I thought I would leave out my beloved espadrilles and talk about more autumnal shoes. (I apologise for the creativity of the images it looks like i’m selling them on Depop – i’m moving to Brighton today so I do have a good excuse).

A staple shoe for the colder months has to be the timberland boots! I would love a black pair of these too. They are so versatile and most importantly comfy & warm. When I bought these I was actually surprised that they were nearly Β£200 for what some people wear to work. However, since getting them it is clear that the price reflects the quality of the boots. I would team these with some grey chinos.


As you can tell by now I have a problem with tanned / camel coloured items. These trainers are no exception. I find trainers can be fairly bland a lot of the time, this is why I got these limited edition Stan Smiths from Addidas. Obviously I would get shoes that you have to brush!


I love loafers especially when worn with chinos and they are even better considering they were a bargain from Zara.


Again more camel coloured shoes… these suede, converse inspire high tops from Prada are one of my favourite casual shoes, the metal shoe lace holes add that little bit of elegance.


And of course the classic black converse high tops are perfect for the colder months.

I will also be showing another pair of my favourite shoes next week in a more exciting blog post. Thank you everyone!

Kane πŸ™‚