And breathe… A Family Sunday


Sometimes it can get all a bit too much & we can put too much pressure on ourselves to get everything done whilst being a perfectionist. When you don’t achieve this you can feel deflated and disappointed with yourself. I have learn’t that to do everything and to a high standard is impossible. You just need to do enough.

(Outfit details linked below)

I missed a blog post last Sunday for the first ever time. Even though I haven’t got a large following (yet) I take my blog very seriously as it is something i’m passionate about. It was literally impossible for me to get content that week. I would rather not post than to post something that I didn’t feel that I liked. I realised I needed to accept that and get other stuff done.

So, this Sunday I went home and what a lovely Sunday it was. After not being home in 5 weeks it made me realise that you can take it all for granted.


Sometimes you just need to breathe, take a moment for yourself in order to get back into things.

Thanks for reading,

Kane 🙂

Grey All Saints Knitwear

Gant Scarf 

Tommy Hilfiger coat

Kenzo navy jumper (similar)


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