Monochrome look book (kind of)


So this was supposed to be a monochrome look book but everything is basically navy. I am obsessed with navy this autumn it adds such a stylish and elegant look to your outfit in the colder months.

So instead this is a more of a showcase of some of my autumnal pieces and how I style myself in this awkward weather, that is cold in the mornings and warmer in the afternoon. The key is LAYERS!

This navy Zara jacket is perfect for this time of year. It is structured (and navy of course) with a green quilted texture on the inside. My favourite aspect to this jacket is the chrome hardware. I picked this up in New York the other year so I doubt I will be able to find this one for you, but i’m sure there are plenty of similar items at the moment.


I teamed all of these outfits with a white ribbed jumper from Zara which has the perfect structure. I think that in winter items structure is essential. This look was a more of a smart casual attire using a black blazer from Topman and a Hugo Boss navy and black scarf. One thing I have to say is I use scarves a lot at this time of year it adds a little bit of sophistication to any outfit.

I have been looking for the perfect cropped (navy) trousers forever!!! I found that to get the right fit for cropped trousers has been really hard to come by. I came across them when I least expected it in Bershkaย !(find them here they were such a bargain)ย I’m in love with them and makes a change to the usual jeans but still can keep your legs warm in autumn.


You cannot go wrong with a bomber jacket in this season. I bought this from Topman, not only do I love the fit of it but also love the embroidery on this jacket. Not to mention it is so warm. This can add more of an edge to your outfit whilst still keeping in classy with the simple monochrome colours.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this one, I really enjoyed making this blog post especially as it is my first shoot in my new town of Brighton. If you have any feedback please let me know. Oh, and don’t forget to read about my BALMAINXH&M wallet giveaway on my last blog post and on my instagram to see how to enter.

Thanks again,

Kane ๐Ÿ™‚


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