The Collaboration… H&m X Balmain


Ok, so this collaboration was probably the most popular and if you were like me this is when I first knew that h&m collaborated with a high end designer every year for an exclusive collection.

I was so excited for this because of the detail (and quality) of Balmain clothes but at a more affordable price.

The pieces…


I went there with the items I wanted (of which none I got) but also loved what I did get, the preview didn’t do them justice. Keep this in mind for their new collaboration with Erdem next month – Who by the way have never before released menswear until this collab. The panic frenzy for the Balmain collar was insane and I believe that Erdem won’t be as popular but I think the collection will be amazing and less chaotic.

Kane 🙂

P.S. I will be doing a giveaway of this leather BalmainXH&M wallet when I hit 1k on my Instagram. I will be posting a picture on there so like it and follow to enter 🙂


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