The importance of shoes…

Shoes have this ability to either make or break an outfit. The quote ‘you can tell a lot about a man from his shoes’ is something to stick by (but I am the worlds worst for scuffing my shoes). Considering that the weather here in the UK is definitely turning autumnal I thought I would leave out my beloved espadrilles and talk about more autumnal shoes. (I apologise for the creativity of the images it looks like i’m selling them on Depop – i’m moving to Brighton today so I do have a good excuse).

A staple shoe for the colder months has to be the timberland boots! I would love a black pair of these too. They are so versatile and most importantly comfy & warm. When I bought these I was actually surprised that they were nearly £200 for what some people wear to work. However, since getting them it is clear that the price reflects the quality of the boots. I would team these with some grey chinos.


As you can tell by now I have a problem with tanned / camel coloured items. These trainers are no exception. I find trainers can be fairly bland a lot of the time, this is why I got these limited edition Stan Smiths from Addidas. Obviously I would get shoes that you have to brush!


I love loafers especially when worn with chinos and they are even better considering they were a bargain from Zara.


Again more camel coloured shoes… these suede, converse inspire high tops from Prada are one of my favourite casual shoes, the metal shoe lace holes add that little bit of elegance.


And of course the classic black converse high tops are perfect for the colder months.

I will also be showing another pair of my favourite shoes next week in a more exciting blog post. Thank you everyone!

Kane 🙂


Author: kanehuxley

I'm an 19 year old passionate young man who is a full time student and a part time fashion and lifestyle blogger. I love fashion and always have, it is a big part of who I am. I am happy I can share with you my fashion style and tips with a hint of other aspects in my life in order to, expose real issues in the world. I appreciate all of the support and I also love learning from all of you too! Thanks, and stay tuned :)

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