It is all about change


Change is a big part of life and enables us to grow as people and mature. Although change can sometimes be hard and not always seem like its for the best, you can sometimes be pleasantly surprised how one little change in you life whether it be negative or positive can spiral and benefit you so much.

Change can appear little to others but can mean so much to you. It can be over whelming, confusing and fearful. I think it’s so important to dig deep and find anything positive what so ever in the change you are going through to help get you through it. Positivity is key and can be life changing.

At the end of the day after going through a fair few major changes in my life (from death to moving away from family to coming out as gay) despite still being a teen, I honestly believe change can be such a positive experience in your life. Whilst it can be difficult it can shape you as an individual and teach you so much even if it wasn’t positive at the time. I know it is easier said than done but please try and find any positivity in the situation you are in no matter how small it is.

I hope this hasn’t come across as condescending or patronising, I really hope this helps somebody! embrace life & be positive guys

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Kane 🙂


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