My Summer Favourites


I find with menswear it is difficult to show variety in your wardrobe especially in the summer, when the only clothes that are really suitable are short and t-shirts / shirts. This is why if I ever see anything that is a little unique I will definitely grab (luxury brands are the best for this but also Zara is great for unique items that you can make your own). Here I have put together my favourites for this summer from shoes to accessories.


These shorts are probably my favourites because not only are they fresh in colour but the pattern is something that is rare and I think adds that little ‘something different’ to a common summer outfit. The shorts from Zara have an embroidered asian-themed pattern & they fit great! As i’m sure you would all agree the fit of your clothing is so important. I paired these shorts with my blue and white striped gucci espadrilles which matched my blue and white striped short sleeve t-shirt from Topman – perfect for the summer months.

* All clothing will be linked below

I love this shirt! The warm colours and the short sleeves makes it just perfect for holidays. I prefer this shirt unbuttoned and open making it perfect for a boat day, or even with a plain white tee underneath. This scotch & soda shirt was given to me by my cousin Billy Huxley I love the quality of the shirt too – it all makes it the perfect holiday essential. Thanks Bill 🙂



These new sailor themed swimming trunks from Ralph Lauren are classic (if you haven’t noticed i have a thing about blue and white and stripes). I love these shorts because of the fine details such as the chrome ends to the ties and the little embodied boats. A classic for summer and can be doubled up as shorts with a plain top.

Thanks for reading and all of the continued support everyone.                                               Enjoy your summer & send me any of your summer favourites,

Kane 🙂


Floral printed white shirt (alternative) -Scotch & Soda

Brown belt (alternative) – Zara

Blue and white swim shorts (alternative) – Ralph Lauren

Reflective Dior Sunglasses

Embroidered blue striped canvas espadrilles – Gucci

Blue and white striped short sleeve shirt (alternative) – Topman


Author: kanehuxley

I'm an 19 year old passionate young man who is a full time student and a part time fashion and lifestyle blogger. I love fashion and always have, it is a big part of who I am. I am happy I can share with you my fashion style and tips with a hint of other aspects in my life in order to, expose real issues in the world. I appreciate all of the support and I also love learning from all of you too! Thanks, and stay tuned :)

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