It is all about change


Change is a big part of life and enables us to grow as people and mature. Although change can sometimes be hard and not always seem like its for the best, you can sometimes be pleasantly surprised how one little change in you life whether it be negative or positive can spiral and benefit you so much.

Change can appear little to others but can mean so much to you. It can be over whelming, confusing and fearful. I think it’s so important to dig deep and find anything positive what so ever in the change you are going through to help get you through it. Positivity is key and can be life changing.

At the end of the day after going through a fair few major changes in my life (from death to moving away from family to coming out as gay) despite still being a teen, I honestly believe change can be such a positive experience in your life. Whilst it can be difficult it can shape you as an individual and teach you so much even if it wasn’t positive at the time. I know it is easier said than done but please try and find any positivity in the situation you are in no matter how small it is.

I hope this hasn’t come across as condescending or patronising, I really hope this helps somebody! embrace life & be positive guys

(outfit will be linked below)

Kane 🙂

Keep your eyes peeled for next weeks blog post, I have something exciting coming up!


All Saints – Black T-shirt

Topant blazer – sold out

Topant black ripper jeans – sold out

Transitions, Summer to Autumn


Autumn is most definitely here and it is finally time for me to give in and create a post that suitable for the weather. Although it is early autumn here in the UK it is fairly cold, my wardrobe needed some new jackets and warmer coloured pieces. I believe autumn is one of the best times for fashion as it isn’t cold but neither warm which means layers are perfect for this season.



Lets be real a leather jacket is the perfect autumn transitional piece not only is it warm it can add a more edgy vibe to your outfit which is definitely more  appropriate in autumn.

I am obsessed with this leather jacket from Boda Skins which you would’ve seen on my Instagram. The structure of the jacket is amazing especially on the arms. Not to mention the impeccable fine details. The price is worth it, HIGHLY RECOMMEND (Also still in stock).


This new shirt I picked up from River Island is perfect for the autumnal months considering the black colour with the warm golden feathers.


So… I tried out boohoo man. I was very sceptical about them as I have seen some of their items before but presumed they would be really bad quality. I got these blue ripped jeans from boohoo because you can never have too many jeans in autumn. They are not bad quality especially considering boohoo man are giving a 40% discount code at the minute making these jeans £15!!!

Lastly I also ordered this denim jacket (in the size medium) from boohoo man for an incredible £18 the quality of this was better than the jeans and is fairly thick and holds structure with ripped details and good quality hardware. I think boohoo man is well worth investing in but only a few pieces on their website are ‘true bargains’ which are good in quality.

I hope you are all just as excited for the autumnal months as me. I hope you enjoyed this (sorry for it being a day late). I have a big move to University this Sunday so I hope next weeks post all goes to plan.

Thank you again for the support,

Kane 🙂



Vacay Lookbook

Hey guys,

Since my holiday is coming to an end I thought i’d shoot a holiday look book to end the summer  theme on this blog. When on holiday it is essential your clothes are cool enough to be comfortable in the heat. I thought I would include my favourite holiday pieces from casual daytime t-shirts to my favourite shorts and shoes for a holiday. I am hoping to keep this one short and just show you the looks instead of me waffling on (also I have 20 minutes until I board my flight home).


This is an all time favourite for chucking something on and going to the beach. The light colours and textured suede pocket make it not only cool but fashionable. I picked up this in the sale at All Saints.

Of course there had to be some Zara in a look book of mine, this woven t-shirt can also easily be paired with chinos and loafers for more of an evening look.

I cannot stop wearing this polo from Reiss so, you have probably seen it before on my Instagram. The fit of this top is impeccable which is common with menswear at Reiss. This top was teamed with my Zara embroided shorts which you have seen on my previous post ‘my summer favourites’ and a brown belt with my tanned suede espadrilles from Office (picture below).

Lastly theses perfect holiday shorts from Tommy Hilfiger can give a bland outfit a much needed holiday vibe with the navy palm tree print.

Thank you for reading everyone and sorry for the late post,

Kane 🙂

Travel Edition: Gran Canaria


Hello again guys,

As promised this week i’m posting something a little different. I know I mainly focus on men’s fashion but I also would like this blog to have hints of lifestyle as well. I’m hoping to stick to a schedule of 3 fashion posts and one lifestyle post etc…

Anyway i’m away at the minute in Gran Canaria and I thought it would be nice to do a travel blog on it a long with my favourite summer accessories. I will also be uploading a holiday look book within the next week.

Gran Canaria is one of the Canary Islands off the coast of Africa, owned by Spain. The island has a lot to offer including and an amazing spa (Lopeson Meloneras Spa) lovely restaurants and amazing scenery, considering it is a volcanic island. Not to mention the sand dunes (which is great for pictures for all you bloggers out there). Also a holiday here isn’t going to exactly break the bank with many affordable hotels and flights on offer.

My favourite thing in Gran Canaria would be the open air cinema! It is amazing to look up at the stars with a cocktail in hand watching the latest blockbuster with those you love.

I really do hope you like this lifestyle aspect to my blog, let me know what you think and whether you want to see something similar again.

Thank you again everyone,

Kane 🙂


Dior Homme 0204s

Tom ford Flynn

Aldo – Gold Aviators

Work X Sixth Form Lookbook


Hey Everyone! This week i’ve put together 5 smart looks for any work environment. I have just finished sixth form and I found it difficult to make put smart outfits together everyday and without being too repetitive. With this kind of attire my tips would be 1) the fit of your blazer and trousers 2) accessories are necessary like a nice watch or a work bag 3) Colour matching (I personally love the blue and brown combo – this is key I think in pulling an outfit together). I have a lot of other looks like these so let me know if you’d like to see this again maybe a ‘winter edition’ or a ‘going out, out post’. Thanks again everyone 🙂

Look 1 – Textured collared jacket, White shirt, Navy trousers, brown belt, shoes and bag (I actually matched these to the buttons – its the little things that make an outfit!) – as always all items that can be found will be linked at the bottom.

Look 2 – Black suit (tip – buy trousers and blazers separately and match the colour will can save you a lot of money) 

Look 3 – Khaki green blazer with the above black trousers (Mix & match your suits for a different look)


Look 4 – Navy Suit with brown/ tanned accessories and shoes as well as, a blue patterned tie

Look 5 – Grey fitted suit with black tie and shoes

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See you next week,

Kane 🙂

*Photo creds: Chloe Mason*

White long sleeved shirt with brown buttons – Vivienne westwood

Textured collared jacket – Reiss

Navy trousers – Topman 

Brown briefcase – M&S

Tanned leather shoes – Ted Baker

Black trousers – Topman

Tanned Belt – Hugo Boss

Black Blazer – New Look

Black belt with blue reverse – Paul Smith

Khaki blazer – Topman (alternative – Asos)

Navy blazer – Tommy Hilfiger

Grey Suit – Next 


My Summer Favourites


I find with menswear it is difficult to show variety in your wardrobe especially in the summer, when the only clothes that are really suitable are short and t-shirts / shirts. This is why if I ever see anything that is a little unique I will definitely grab (luxury brands are the best for this but also Zara is great for unique items that you can make your own). Here I have put together my favourites for this summer from shoes to accessories.


These shorts are probably my favourites because not only are they fresh in colour but the pattern is something that is rare and I think adds that little ‘something different’ to a common summer outfit. The shorts from Zara have an embroidered asian-themed pattern & they fit great! As i’m sure you would all agree the fit of your clothing is so important. I paired these shorts with my blue and white striped gucci espadrilles which matched my blue and white striped short sleeve t-shirt from Topman – perfect for the summer months.

* All clothing will be linked below

I love this shirt! The warm colours and the short sleeves makes it just perfect for holidays. I prefer this shirt unbuttoned and open making it perfect for a boat day, or even with a plain white tee underneath. This scotch & soda shirt was given to me by my cousin Billy Huxley I love the quality of the shirt too – it all makes it the perfect holiday essential. Thanks Bill 🙂



These new sailor themed swimming trunks from Ralph Lauren are classic (if you haven’t noticed i have a thing about blue and white and stripes). I love these shorts because of the fine details such as the chrome ends to the ties and the little embodied boats. A classic for summer and can be doubled up as shorts with a plain top.

Thanks for reading and all of the continued support everyone.                                               Enjoy your summer & send me any of your summer favourites,

Kane 🙂


Floral printed white shirt (alternative) -Scotch & Soda

Brown belt (alternative) – Zara

Blue and white swim shorts (alternative) – Ralph Lauren

Reflective Dior Sunglasses

Embroidered blue striped canvas espadrilles – Gucci

Blue and white striped short sleeve shirt (alternative) – Topman

Styling a White Tee

How to style a white tee – my style


A simple tee can be used over and over again in a variety of ways when paired with different pieces in your wardrobe in order to create a multitude of outfits that look great and make you feel good. Who would’ve thought that your favourite white tee could be used for all attires, from pyjamas to streetwear, and from casual to smart? It all comes down to what the tee is paired with.


This t-shirt i’m wearing is a medium – I normally like my t-shirts fairly fitted (i’m usually a small), however I love how this t-shirt fits. It fits well on the shoulders and doesn’t hug your stomach unflatteringly.


I love a white t-shirt because it is so bright and clean, making it perfect for spring/summer (despite the weather not reflecting the season at the minute!) Due to the neutral colour, it can be paired with pretty much everything, the versatility is what makes a white tee essential in everyones wardrobe. However, I think that white t-shirts can only really make an outfit look so sleek if it is clean and bright – we all know a white tee isn’t the most practical in terms of colour! I would say that quality isn’t essential unlike other items since it isn’t going to last you that long. Therefore I say, don’t spend a lot on a white tee, save the money and spend it on what you will team it with like a jacket or shoes which will last you much longer.


I challenge you to wear a white tee in 3 different ways, play about with it and get your moneys worth – people won’t even realise!

Thanks for reading,

Kane 🙂

*Photo credits to Sophie Balasuriya – check out her blog Sophie balasuriya

Camera used: Nikon D5100

My looks:

The White T-Shirt (similar)

Look 1 – Pink Denim Jacket – River island

             – Distressed Black Jeans – Topman

             – Pink shoes – Asos

Look 2 – Textured Grey & Black Blazer – Zara (A similar alternative found on Asos)

              –  Grey Jeans – Zara (Alternative found on Levi)

              – Black Leather Chelsea Boots – Dune

Look 3 – Faux leather jacket – Gas Jeans (IN SALE)

              – Chinos – Reiss

              – Suede Navy Trainers – Zara (Alternative found on New Balance)